Saturday, 9 July 2016

The Broken Promise

The heart sometime's speaks too much,
But I cannot know what it says...
The beating heart pains so much,
With every passing nights and days...

How can I say, how much I miss you,
You didn't even remember your promise,
How could I say that I love you
Remembering your words my mind and heart both freeze

Every time I see you,
My heart starts jumping to and fro
But when I remember the forgotten promise,
My mind speaks not to let that love grow

Few days after Is your marriage,
You will be someone's else,
I cannot do anything but cry,
'Calm down calm down', the inner me tells...

My mouth is shut,What would I say,
I would only say, ''Have a happy married life''...
Thinking about losing you forever,
My body would only thrive...

You forgot all those wishes,
And the promises which you had taken,
Now, that is all I know,
Promises are meant to be broken

Thursday, 23 June 2016

No, I Am Not Lonely

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Crouching on the ground in the lonely night,
Staring at the night sky so bright;
A sudden pain of remorse comes out,
'Am I lonely', I shout.
No, I am not lonely,
For there are those shining stars with me.
In the night they shine so bright,
That my heart gets full of delight.

But what would happen in a cloudy day,
When there will be no stars to accompany me,
I will feel lonely then,
'How much lonely I will be?',
No, I will not be lonely,
With me will be the breeze so cool,
That passes by the grasses, over the pool.
I lay happily now, because I am not lonely,
Today I noticed that the nature is too lovely

But what would I do, if the breeze suddenly stops,
Who will then help my loneliness go away,
I will be lonely then,
Answer my heart, 'is there any other way?'
To the question my heart replies, I will not be lonely,
For with me their will always be my sweet memories,
The enjoying past, the shining days and those silly love diaries...
Oh, my heart you made me so happy,
You are too lovely,
I am in such a gay mood for I am not lonely.

But what would happen if some day I suffer from trauma,
And loose my memories,
My past, shining days and love diaries.
It would leave me empty with no one around me,
Will I be lonely then, do you see?
No I will not be lonely, for with me,
There will be my soul, which will never leave me.
I am so happy, I am not alone.

But what would happen, if I die Someday,
My soul will leave me and on the ground I would lay,
I ask you 'Will I be lonely'?
No, I will not be lonely,
For I would be buried into the soil, which would always surround me,
I will be the happiest person because my soul that left would be a part of someone's others body.
I am so happy I am not lonely,
I am not lonely, I am not lonely...